How to Keep Dog From Eating Cat Food – Practical Solutions

Have you been wondering how to keep dog from eating cat food?

Having a dog, cat, or any exotic pet is a great thing. The companionship and loyalty they offer are mind-blowing, to say the least. Furthermore, they give us a sense of belonging.

As with the saying, “nothing good comes cheap,” there are responsibilities attached to pet parenting. Housing a canine or feline buddy is a call to top-notch commitment.

This also implies that you need to pay keen attention to their food intake. You should make sure they are not exposed to harmful meals.

Sometimes, dogs cross that line between what is appealing to them vs what is good for them. They don’t have great decision-making skills in this regard. From eating poop to consuming toxic human meals, our furry buddies are full of these wonders.

As a result, pet parents should be responsible for the well being of dogs in terms of food consumption.

Why should you stop your dog from eating cat food?

You should stop your dog from eating cat food because cats and dogs have entirely different dietary requirements. Your dog’s liver, kidney, and other major digestive organs are not structured to process the cat food appropriately. So, by allowing your dog feast on cat food, you might be sitting on a time bomb waiting to go off soon.

This certainly isn’t what pet parents want to experience. In this light, the article will address how to keep your dog away from cat food. This is more relevant for a pet parent to a canine and feline creature.

How Do You Keep a Dog from Eating Cat Food?

There are 2 major ways to keep a dog from eating cat food.

1. Training your dog.

2. Restricting your dog.

We strongly suggest that these should be implemented.

How Do You Keep a Dog from Eating Cat Food By Training?

To keep a dog from eating act food by training, you have to teach command words and use treats wisely. For the command words, restrictive words such as “stop“, “stop-it“, ordon’t” can be used. These words communicate your feeling of displeasure at the act to the dog. You should also use treats as an incentive when your dog obeys.

If you are unable to do this or spend the needed time doing it, you can hire a pet trainer.

Generally, training for your cat and dog is essential. For one, dog training is the true test of commitment to a dog’s welfare. Many pet parents provide and protect, but fault when the subject is about training.

Certainly, you can keep your dog from eating cat food. Such strategies will be shared. However, what happens when you go to the park and your dog feeds on poop. 

How do you keep restricting him outside of your reach? What happens when you are busy throughout the day, unable to keep tabs on your dog?

In this regard, your dog needs to be trained. You might need the services of specialized trainers for this. 

You also need to keep emphasizing to your dog that this is inappropriate. Teaching him a restrictive word, phrase, or command would do. You can use stop, stop-it, or don’t.

You can also use dog food treats as incentives. Give treats generously to your dog when he does not eat the cat food. This sends a signal of character approval. It helps you keep your dog from your cat’s food. 

Rather than seeing the treats as an indulgence, see it as an aid in training your dog against eating cat food.

Avoid shouting and screaming when doing this. Just be firm and keep a straight face. You should realize the process takes time. Given this, you can engage the next strategy we will discuss. 

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How Do You Keep a Dog from Eating Cat Food By Restricting?

To keep a dog from eating cat food by restricting, you should keep the cat food away from the dog’s reach. Put the feline meal in places that are hard for your dog to reach. Also, you can physically engage your dog when your cat is eating. Taking him for a walk during this period will be great. You can also buy or construct a dog restricted eating box when serving your cat his food. This is so that your dog does not bully your cat.

With the right equipment, you can restrict your dog from eating cat food. The amazing thing is you can do this yourself. You don’t have to spend a hundred bucks or more to get a ready-made item. 

With the right items and a few minutes to spare, you will be done with constructing this masterpiece. The item is a box that can only accommodate your cat. 

Since your dog cannot reach into the box, the rations of your cat food will not be tampered with or stolen.

What do you need to construct a dog restricted cat eating box?

To construct a dog restricted cat eating box, the following items are needed.

1. Large transparent tote box

2. A utility knife

3. A lighter

4. Screws

5. Microchip cat door

This strategy is more effective if your dog is large-sized or bigger than your cat. You can get a transparent tote box. The larger the better. 

The size is important because it will house the cat during the meal period. You can construct it with or without a microchip cat door. 

If you choose to construct without a microchip cat door, measure 5 and a half by 6 inches on the breath of the plastic box. This measurement will serve as the entrance for your cat.

Flick-on the lighter, letting the heat soften the traced measured entrance. Be careful not to allow the fire too close to the tote box.

Afterward, cut out the entrance immediately, using your sharp utility knife. The heat of the lighter is to make it easier to cut through.

With the aid of the lighter, drill small holes around the box. These holes are for ventilation, keeping out the smell of your cat food. This is very important because your dog has a keen sense of smell.

This video explains with practical steps, how to keep your dog from eating cat food.

Video: DIY Dog-proof Litter Box from SureFlap

You should remove the cover of the tote box, fix the cat’s food bowl, then put back the cover. This will be the sequence every time you give your cat food.

If you choose to use the microchip cat door, you will have to measure the entrance to the box to align with the microchip door. 

After purchase, get the item from the box. Separate the two sides of the item and fix it on opposite sides of the cut entrance. You will need a couple of screws to fasten the two ends of the microchip.

Make it a habit to clean the tote box once every 4 days (at least). The choice of a transparent plastic box will help to monitor the condition of your cat’s eating place.

What are Some Tips to Help Stop Your Dog from Eating Cat Food?

The following are helpful tips to help stop your dog from eating cat food.

1. If you have both cat and dog, Do not use the same bowl when serving them. Be deliberate about serving them in defined bowls at all times.

2. Keep the cat food away from your dog’s reach.

3. Use the cat’s crate.

4. Be deliberate about using a timetable.

5. Strategically engage your dog when your cat is eating.

Don’t Use the Same Bowl for Your Cat and Dog

Should you use the same bowl for your cat and your dog?

Never use the same bowl when serving meals to your cat and dog. This has a way of proving everything on it as edibles. It might likely confuse your dog.

You will do well to serve food to the dog and cat using defined food bowls known overtime. If your dog doesn’t have an ulterior motive, he or she wouldn’t eat from your cat’s bowl. 

This helps you know your dog’s real intent. This way you know if the dog is stealing or ignorant of its meal. It’s funny how cat meals taste like great treats to your dog.

In this light, serve your various pets using different bowls. You can also serve your cat and dog in a separate room.

Keep the Cat Food Away from Your Dog’s Reach

Your dog may be hell-bent on eating your cat’s food. Given this, keep your cat’s food away from your dog. This includes access to the storehouse where the cat food is kept.

If you are an experienced pet parent to a dog and cat, you may have noticed something interesting. Dogs don’t climb beyond the sofa and bed. On the contrary, cats can climb on almost anything. You could solve the problem by taking advantage of this.

Where can you hide cat food from your dog?

To hide cat food from your dog, make sure you place your cat’s food on elevated spots. Put them on places that are hard for your dog to reach. This could be on top of the kitchen counter, your cat’s tree, or on the washing machine.

Once your dog notices this, he will get the memo.

Use the Cat’s Crate

You can also make a habit of using the cat’s crate. It’s possible your dog wouldn’t tamper with cat’s food placed in the crate. While this is not a surety, you can give it a try.

Serve the meal in the crate rather than elsewhere.

Be Deliberate About Using a Timetable

An improved feeding timetable might also help. Cats and dogs are different in terms of eating. Cats, unlike dogs, are picky eaters. Normally, a dog wouldn’t waste time eating dog food.

Given this, stop feeding your cat at intervals. Give the whole meal at once. Place the meal on elevated spots while you also serve your dog simultaneously. The kitchen counter is a great spot for this.

Your dog may be bent on eating the inaccessible cat meal. Over time, your dog will accept his fate and make do with what is his.

Strategically Engage Your Dog

You can also act differently. After serving your cat, choose this period for dog walks. That way, your dog is distracted and unable to raid your cat’s food.

There is also the option of the baby gate. As a result of the danger it poses, we would stare off that path. Especially for pet parents with human children, we do not encourage the use of the baby gate.

If you prefer a visual explanation on how to keep your dog from eating cat food, below is a helpful video.

Video: How to Keep Dog From Eating Cat Food (Practical Solutions)

Can Your Dog Eat Cat Food?

You should not allow your dog to eat cat food. This is because the concentration of fat, calories, and protein is enormous. It is more than the digestive system of the dog can process appropriately. As a result, a dog should not be allowed to eat cat food.

Parenting a dog and cat can make your responsibility more intense. Some dogs can’t resist cat food. Ironically, cat meals are not good for dogs. 

Are cats omnivores animals?

Cats are carnivores and not omnivores. This is unlike humans and dogs. With respect to feeding, they are carnivorous animals. Cats get the most nutrients from eating meat.

On the contrary, dogs are omnivores. They derive nutrients from plants and meaty meals. Although they derive more from meat, they have anatomical differences with cats.

The digestive system of cats can handle large amounts of fats, protein, and calories required for their growth. They are anatomically structured this way. 

Dogs require these nutrients but can’t handle the excessive proportions in the cat meals. If exposed to cat meals, the least adverse effect would be excessive weight gain. 

However, this is not always the case. More often, the side effects kick-off with a running stomach. More health complications mostly arise subsequently.

Possible harmful effects include pain in the abdomen, physical deformities, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, loss of appetite, among others. These are simply some of the possibilities.

Considering this, your dog shouldn’t eat cat food. You can purchase high-quality dog food by clicking the link below.

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What Should You Do if Your Dog Eats Cat Food?

If your dog eats cat food, you do not need to panic. Simply get across to your vet and explain the situation to him. Cat meals do not do instant damages like the toxins in chocolate. So, there are reasons to be hopeful. However, you should make sure the cat food is kept out of the dog’s reach.

Most likely, you will have to observe for signs as advised by the vet. You might also need to visit the vet for more scrutiny. This is especially if you suspect it isn’t a first-time occurrence.

However, the earlier it is noted and resolved, the better it is for you and your dog.

In conclusion, cats have organs that can process huge proportions of protein, fats, and calories. The compositions of these cat meals have adverse effects on dogs.

When your dog stares lustfully at your cat’s food, you will naturally want your dog to stay away from it. Be observant and proactive about your dog’s food intake.

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How to Keep Dog from Eating Cat Food – Related Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Dogs Like Eating Cat Food?

Dogs like eating cat food because they cannot tell the difference between what they want and what they need. Other than the taste, the meaty composition in cat food is a major reason your dog likes it. Many meals taste good but are harmful to your dog’s health.

To avoid complications, you should keep your dog away from these items. Felines are carnivores, unlike dogs that are omnivores. This means cats are primarily flesh-eaters. On the other hand, dogs need the right amount of flesh and plants.

As a result, your dog does not have the digestive system able to properly process cat food. As a result, you should keep this item away from his reach.

Should You Allow Your Dog to Eat Cat Food?

Dogs should not be allowed to eat cat food. The concentration that makes up the feline meal is not ideal for dogs. If this rule is not adhered to, there could be severe consequences. Complications such as vomiting, diarrhea, organ failure, among others are very possible. This is because cat food is remarkably high in calories, fat, as well as protein. Ordinarily, these are nutrients needed by your dog, except that it is in enormous quantity.

Especially in the latter stages of their lives, dogs do not need so much fat for instance. For dogs exposed to such meals, the least complication will be obesity. This situation is more terrible for a dog that is not very physically active. This is because there will be no means to burn fat.

How Bad Can Eating Cat Food Be for Dogs?

Eating cat food can be very bad for dogs. It could result in complications with obesity as the least. This is because of the huge amounts of calories in cat food. However, it is not as bad as eating toxic items such as chocolate. At least, the side effects do not kick in immediately. As a result, you should do all within your power to avoid this.

If you discover your dog has been doing so, there is no need to panic. Avoid the possibility of this happening again. Afterward, make a quick appointment with the veterinarian, calling his attention to the situation.

Are There Pet Foods for Both Dogs and Cats?

There are a few commercial meals that both your cat and dog can share. However, most pet meals are tailored to meet the needs of either the dog or the cat. This is because they require different amounts of nutrients to live healthy lives.

Rather than serving such meals, it is advised that you serve core dog food to your canine companion. This is so that he gets the needed and proper amount of nutrients. You should also make use of stage sensitive meals. This is especially if you are not giving homemade meals to your dog.

What Is the Difference Between Cat and Dog Food?

The major difference between cat and dog food lies in the amount of ingredients used. It is interesting to know aside this, there are many similarities between commercial cat and dog food. Almost the same properties are used to make these meals.

Dogs and cat food both contain calories, fat, and protein. However, cat food has a higher concentration of these ingredients. This is because of their dietary needs and ability to process an enormous amount of these nutrients. This is why you should keep cat food out of the reach of your dog.

Is Eating Cat Poop Dangerous for Dogs?

Eating cat poop is dangerous for dogs because they can come in contact with various parasites and bacteria when they eat cat poop. As a result, the moment you notice this action, you should be concerned about preventing a recurrence. This is to keep your dog in a perfect state of health in the long run. One of the ways to do this is to provide top-quality meals to your dog.

Often, dogs resort to eating poop when they are not getting the needed nutrients from their meals. To correct and/or avoid this, offer your dog top-quality commercial meals.

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