How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food – Various Techniques

We have been writing for a while and this subject happens to come up several times. As a result, we’ll discuss how to keep ants out of dog food.

If you ever had reasons to deal with them, you’ll be able to tell that ants are persistent. They have that way of reaching unexpected areas, causing havoc and pain sometimes. For instance, if you work online, you may have had to deal with ants crawling in and out of your laptop at a stage.

A friend of ours happens to be an ESL tutor. He recalled how right in the middle of a virtual session, ants wouldn’t let him be. You do not need to have a phobia for ants to detest them. Although hardworking, they aren’t the sort of creatures you need around you.

Until the right measures are taken, they have a way of getting what they want. That includes your dog food.

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As little and insignificant as their stature suggests, they can do a lot of harm. How then do we deal with them with respect to dog food?

Ants and Dogs – What’s the Big Deal?

Just maybe you are willing to let nature take its course. You see those ants crawling up around your dog food and you have no objections. Well, it is time to have a rethink. Why?

As little as they are, they can render your dog helpless. They can bite and hurt your dog. The physical structure of the dog makes your canine unable to reach for some parts of its body.

Let’s say the regular ant bites your dog, this causes skin irritation that your dog may not be able to attend to. Imagine if the bite is close to the anus. The contact with this sensitive part can cause lots of pain. As a loving canine friend, you do not want your dog to go through that experience.

Next, dogs do not take things hook, line, and sinker. They are emotional beings with a will that drives them. Your dog may outrightly refuse to eat his meals if he sees ants crawling all over it. Under such circumstance, you do not want to force him to eat that meal.

Although ants are a huge source of protein when consumed, how do we explain this to Jackie (our dog)?

Does This Include Every Dog Food?

Grain-like dog meals are particularly susceptible to ant infestation. This is because wet meals are usually stored up in the refrigerator afterward, if not used up entirely.

While we aren’t ruling out protecting wet dog food, you should pay extra attention to grain-like dog meals. 

To avoid all these adverse possibilities, what can you do?

Let’s shed light on why ants love dog food.

Why Do Ants Crawl Around Dog Food?

Really! That’s like asking us why we write. Of course, because we love it. In the same vein, ant meals contain nutritional properties that are appealing to ants. The smell is irresistible and very appealing to ants.

As stated earlier, this happens particularly with grain-like meals. Although wet meals have constituents that ants would die for, there’s a problem – moisture.

For the records, ants can swim. In various ways, moisture is one of the proven ways to keep ants off your territory. Maybe we’ll address that subsequently in this article.

Just like ant’s love grain dog meals, they detest some other items. Take for instance peppermint. Applying drops of this oil will do wonders as well.

However, there lies a problem. Peppermint oil, as with others such as cinnamon, pine, citrus, and some others contain toxins. This is harmful to your dog.

Let’s examine some of the measures you can put in place to deal with ants around your dog food.

If you prefer a visual explanation of this article, below is a detailed and helpful video.

Video: How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food (Various Techniques)

Technique 1 – Prevention Rather than Cure

Hey, the best solution to any problem is simple; avoid the problem. You only require a solution when a problem exists. If you do all within your capacity to prevent the problem, you will not have to run around seeking how to resolve it.

In plain terms, proper hygiene is of the essence when you have a dog or any pet around you. First, promptly attend to the mess created by your dog.

Jackie, our dog, is a very picky eater. It’s so bad that she wouldn’t eat out of the bowl. She’s always fond of taking the meals and scattering them all around her space.

How did we deal with this problem? Well, that is a subject for another day. However, as it relates to this topic, we feed her with a definite schedule. This gives the impression that there wouldn’t always be food to play around with.

Tedious as it is, we always clean the mess as quickly as possible. This reduces the chances of ants sniffing out the dog’s food and crawling over it. So, first things first; things have to be in order. Do not be lazy about cleaning your canine buddy’s mess.

Next, ensure that your dog’s meals are stored appropriately. True, ants have a way of getting into very tight and unexpected areas. However, they are not immortal, if you know what we mean. You can make things such as dog food ant-proof.

When not in use, your dog’s grains should be stored up in an air-tight lid sealed plastic container. If you have doubts or you’re worked up about the potency of the plastic container, you can run a test. How?

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Pour a sizable amount of water into the plastic container. Afterward, cover the container with the air-tight cover. Make sure every part of the cover is firmly sealed. Then you can carry on with the real test. 

Turn the plastic upside down. Check after a while to see if the water is trapped and unable to find its way out. We strongly recommend that this test is carried out outdoors. Just in case there’s a spillage, you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning the floor of your house.

Afterward, you should dry and clean the plastic container with a clean cloth before storing it up with dog grains.

If you are unable to get an air-tight lid sealed container, you can use a plastic gallon. The clock-like tighten crown should do the job quite well.

Technique 2 – Water Is a Saving Grace

Let us spill out one major secret about warfare. From time immemorial, nations, corporate organizations, and people have invested so heavily in spies. Why? It is very simple. You are as strong as what you know. On the other hand, your secret is your strength for leverage.

How does this apply to our subject? Hey, we know this much about ants; they cannot swim. They can do lots of things like finding their way around very impossible and tight corners. They have a great sense of coordination. However, they are unable to do this one thing – swim.

Below is a video explaining one simple way to keep ants from dog food

Video: How to keep ants out of dog food with 1 simple trick

Well, as earlier said, because we know this inability of theirs, we can use it to our advantage. How?

This technique is very cost-effective. Except you’re one hell of a bachelor moving out of your parent’s house, you already have all that is required: two different sized bowls.

The large bowl should be able to house the smaller bowl. It should be such that if the small bowl tilts, it would have the larger bowl supporting it from falling. This means that the distance in size should be massive.

You are to put the dog’s meal inside the small bowl. Afterward, pour about ¼ – ½ liters of water into the large bowl. Next, you should put the small bowl with dog meal into the large bowl. What would this do?

Because of the water, the ants wouldn’t be able to get from the large bowl into the small bowl. As a result, they’ll resign to fate, knowing the grain has been placed in water secured environment.

As inexpensive and easy as this method is, it is very effective. You should do this whenever you are to feed the dog. On the other hand, you should dispose of the water after the dog is done eating.

Technique 3 – How Useful Is Petroleum Jelly

This is still about taking advantage of the ant’s inability. How so? The legs of the ant cannot ply through moist and sticky areas. That’s one way we are going to do away with them.

The application of petroleum jelly makes it difficult for ants to move around your dog meals. One good news: unlike items such as peppermint oil, the smell of petroleum jelly isn’t harmful to your dog. So, let’s get on with the application.

First, you need a plastic or stainless-steel tray and your dog’s eating bowl. Either of these items will work the magic.

Haven placed the tray on the ground, apply the petroleum jelly all around the tray’s exterior. You should ensure the base of the tray is very slippery with the petroleum jelly.

Next, you can place the bowl with dog food inside the tray. Because the tray is slippery, the ant will be faced with the impossible task of reaching for the food.

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Furthermore, the ant can get stuck in the sticky tray, unable to get away from it. This way, the problem wouldn’t be getting hold of the dog food, it’ll rather be staying alive.

Don’t forget all that you need for this technique: petroleum jelly, tray, dog food and bowl.

Technique 4 – How Bad Can Peppermint Oil Be?

No doubt, there are items you should keep out of the reach of your furry buddy. Peppermint is one of them. However, if you can be cautious enough, you can take advantage of this ant repellent.

We like to stress that caution is of the essence here. If you must use it, you shouldn’t overuse the oil. Do not forget it contains toxins that are harmful to your dog. This oil should never be used solely. You should mix it with water.

For a hundred percent of peppermint oil, you should mix it with around a cup of clean water. Next, add the liquid content into a spray bottle.

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You can use a paper towel to aid this process. Get the paper towel wet with a mixture of water and peppermint oil. Squeeze the paper towel to let out excess fluid, then rub the exterior of your dog’s bowl with it.

Please, do not serve your dog immediately. Let it take a while before you do this.

Also, some places are susceptible to ant infestation around the house. You should pay attention to such places. These places should be treated with this mixture. Such areas include the storehouse, the vents, cracks in the wall and floor, among others.

Technique 5 – There’s a Price for Every Prize

Remember that part of sharing techniques that cost close to nothing? Well, it isn’t the same right now. Although they do not cost a back-breaking sum, there are products to help deal with this problem.

There are anti-ant pet bowls that you can purchase. These items are designed to hamper ants from getting into your dog food.

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One great advantage of this bowl is the durability and span. Unlike the other alternatives, you can use this product for a lengthy period without strenuous protocol.

With petroleum jelly and water techniques, you need to constantly apply these things. However, all you need to do with the anti-ant bowl is serve the food. Nothing more.

What If the Ant Is Already in the Dog Food?

The height of ant infestation is when it they’re already in the dog food. However, you don’t need to lose sweat over that. Let’s talk about how to deal with the mess.

The answer dwells within your refrigerator. Once you notice the food they are crawling with, pour it into an air-tight lid sealed container.

Next, store it in the refrigerator. What would this do? 

For the records, ants cannot survive in freezing conditions as found in the refrigerator. In a while, those ants will die.

Afterward, you can deal with removing the dead ants from that cold dog food. To do this conveniently, you can use a strainer. You should put the refrigerated dog food into the strainer. Shake using the two handles. The small-sized holes of the strainer would allow the dead ants out.

If your dog isn’t giving you issues with the dead ants, they constitute a great deal of needed protein. So, the dead ants aren’t a bad meal option after all.

In conclusion, you should do all within your power to keep ants out of the reach of dogs. Your dog may be able to deal with larger sized rodents effectively, but with ants, it’s a big deal.

Using any of the various techniques shared in this article, make should your dog is protected from ant’s infestation. Equally important is proper hygiene in dealing with these creatures. Have you tried any of these techniques? Let us in to what you think via the comment section.